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A practical, self-help workshop covering a range of holistic techniques, held at locations throughout the UK and Ireland.

Look better, feel better - go holistic!
Discover the positive health and fitness benefits of living a holistic lifestyle. In this one-day intensive workshop you will learn how to apply natural, holistic and intuitive methods to:

Yin Yang

      • Reduce Stress

      • Lose Weight

      • Increase Your Energy Levels

      • Sleep Soundly

      • Enjoy Better Health

Are you tired of being run down, stressed out, lacking energy and prone to common infections like colds and 'flu? In this workshop you will learn how to start taking control of your health. Look and feel better the natural, holistic way, without surgery and without using prescription drugs. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to change your life for the better. Book your place today.


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If you are a qualified holistic practitioner based in Britain or the Republic of Ireland and you are interested in training to become a registered Zak Martin Holistic Workshop instructor, contact us with a few details about yourself and your experience in this field.